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Join The Mentorship!

Classes will be recorded and you will have unlimited access!

In this 6 week virtual Mentorship Program, I will teach you exactly how I was able to build wealth, passive income and retired myself from the 9-5 all through my strategies 

of stock market trading.

Prepare for your mind to be blown away!

DATES: Aug 7th - Mondays at 8pm EST

Final Class: Sept 18th​​

Week 1

 How to Identify Low Risk Stocks

In this week's training, we will go over the fundamentals of a safe, low risk stock and how to pinpoint what stock is a good trade. We aren't in the business of losing money!

Week 3

How to Trade for Guaranteed Income from the Market

In this week's training, we will be discussing my strategy on how to trade for a guaranteed weekly or monthly income. I will be sharing Step by step instructions on how to master this easy trade.

Week 5

Dr. Goody Teaches Credit and Funding Plays to Grow Account Value

In this week's lesson, Dr. Goody, the credit doctor will be teaching how to obtain funding for your trading account.

Week 2

Long-Term Investing to Build Wealth

In this week's training, we will discuss how to effectively build wealth by holding stocks long term. We will be going over the need-to-know principles.

Week 4

My 6-Figure Strategies on Increasing My Income

In this week's training I will be teaching how to have EXPLOSIVE income growth through my successful reinvestment strategies.

Week 6

Advanced Strategies & Q&A

In this week's lesson, we will close it out with a review, going over some advanced trading strategies and a Q&A session.

I'll be retiring ffrom my other 9-5 all because of you! Your course is worth so much more!

Brittney Sanders

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